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A tale of two travellers

Hi. We’re Di and Ade, a writer and a photographer, with two backpacks full of wanderlust…

We got rid of our stuff, moved out of our apartment and were just about to embark on a three-year, round-the-world adventure (what we like to call the Middle Aged and Irresponsible Tour or MAIT).

But then Coronovirus hit and had its own plans for the world. International borders closed and travel was restricted. Like so many others our plans were derailed. We got stuck living in the spare room at our parents’ place. So, we bought a van, ready for a four-wheel drive adventure around Australia.

But then coronavirus hit harder, state borders were closed, travel was definitely off limits. Now we’re plotting, planning, dreaming and waiting for the day we can travel more than five kilometres beyond our front gate.

Luckily, we’ve got the memory of past adventures to keep our travel dreams alive…

Our Favourite Places

Where We’ve Been

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