Too much to see too little time

Allabroad is a site dedicated to the traveller in all of us. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, cultural experiences or just need a break from the constant grind of life, Allabroad will give you the inspiration and tips to get out and see the world.

We focus on immersive travel – why just see a place when you can learn from the locals, take in the culture and experience how people live in different parts of the world.

Allabroad was set up by Diane Squires and Adrian Duncan – an Aussie couple with a passion for travel, photography and writing.

We had our first major overseas trip in 2001– a three-month visit to the UK and Europe. It was the so-called “trip of a lifetime” but fortunately for us it wasn’t the last and we have been travelling whenever and wherever we can ever since.

We love exploring new cultures, meeting new people and wandering through different landscapes. And, of course, capturing those experiences in words and images to share with others.

We hope you enjoy this site, but more importantly, we hope it inspires you to get out and explore the world.

Because life really is an adventure!


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